K&B Fabrication

Cincinnati 10" shear

Co-founder and Chairman

Water Jet Cutting

Custom Fabrication


Mandrel bending

Precision  forming


Precision Welding


We work with an extensive list of materials,including stainless steel,aluminum mild steel,titanium,glass, plastic.We can water jet materials upto 5" thick and can shear and form materials upto a 1/4 thick


Company Proflie

K&B has been family owned and operated since 1980.Providing services for a wide range of industries,from a simple railing to a precision fabrication.

Baleigh Rolls

Vice Chairman

Custom Fabrication & Waterjet Services

Specializing in Custom Fabrication

Our Customer base has been built over the past 30 years.Solely from word of mouth.Our reputation for quality and the talent to accomplish the difficult,makes K&B unique in the industry. We continuously add new capabilities to our facility.


HydMech Vertical Band Saw

Sales Agent